5 ways to make your contributions known at the workplace

You know that feeling when someone repeats what you suggested and gets enthusiastic reaction, while there was no reaction when you originally proposed it?

The research shows that women’s ideas get two times more often stolen than those of men, both by men and women. This happens because of our unconscious gender bias which we all have. It makes us assume that contributions of women are less valuable than those of men, which makes us to listen less when women speak. 

Here are the five ways for making your contributions to other people’s tasks visible:

  1. Make sure that your colleague states your name, or credits you by name on the information sheets if your colleague gives a presentation that you have largely prepared
  2. If you have organised the content of a congress, make sure that you give the introduction or a presentation 
  3. If you have supervised an employee who has booked excellent results, let it be known to the management team that you were the ‘guiding light’ behind these efforts 
  4. Discuss with your manager how your additional efforts compare with the previously set targets and what weight these should have when assessing work performance 
  5. Let it be known how much time you spend on relational work and be sure to say where it’s leading 

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