About me

You know that feeling of coming to a meeting room and expecting to have a discussion, just to realise that decisions have already been made and opinions have been formed before the meeting even started?  

My name is Mira Vasic, I am a career consultant, executive coach and keynote speaker on Female Leadership & Gender Diversity with a great deal of experience in engineering and technology. I help women like you to understand the unwritten rules at the workplace and the office politics, so that you can strategically navigate your career and get the career you deserve. 

Together with my business partners at In Touch Female Leadership & Career Academy, I believe that the world would be a better place for everyone if women would have more influence on the world. 

This is why I train and coach women from all around the world to develop their strategic leadership skills and empower them to fight the unconscious gender bias. 

Welcome to my professional blog where I weekly publish articles with practical advices on:

The unwritten rules
and office politics

Strategic leadership
skills for women

gender bias

Enjoy reading,

Here is my story

I’ve started my career as an engineer specialised in helping historical buildings to stand safe. I have always had a passion for career coaching and I was helping women in getting the job they deserve and getting properly paid for that as well. After getting my PhD in Structural Engineering and working for many years in the commercial, nonprofit and governmental sector, I realized a big bold truth. 

Even when the number of girls and boys is equal during their study period, the moment you start looking higher in the corporate and/or academic ladder, there are much less women than men. Yes that is still the case! Much less women than men. 

Therefore, during the Covid-19 pandemics, I’ve decided to leave my corporate job to actively help women to get more influence on their own careers and on the world. Because with all my heart I believe that the world would be a better place for everyone if women would lead more negotiation processes, create national policies and corporate strategies, or decide on research funding. 

I became one of the owners and Senior Partner at In Touch Female Leadership & Career Academy, where together with co-founders of In Touch – Elisa de Groot and Monic Buhrs, we help women to get the career they deserve and to get properly paid for it. 

In my coaching and workshops, I use interactive and practical approach, filled with humour and based on academic research, personal experience of me and my business partners; and leading management literature. 

I worked with international clients from all around the world, including ING, Deloitte, Fonterra, Google, Geneva Business School, TU Delft, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, TOPX Network, Women in TECH, Maersk, Rabobank, AtlasCopco, Oracle, Wageningen University of Research, Brightstone group, PartnerRe and IG&H. 

You can find my full biography on my LinkedIn profile.